Introducing the Pioneer DDJ-REV1

Go from the crib to the club with the brand new DDJ-REV1. The DDJ-REV1 is the latest entry-level controller from Pioneer DJ and Serato.

It’s the evolution of the famous range of controllers featuring the DDJ-SB, DDJ-SB2, and the DDJ-SB3, all of which have rocked dancefloors all over the world. With a brand new layout and groundbreaking features, the DDJ-REV1 is the best of them all.

The controller unlocks the free Serato DJ Lite software, and is supported in Serato DJ Pro with a subscription or license – a free trial is also available. The DDJ-REV1 can also be used with Serato’s beat making DAW, Serato Studio.

Mix tracks like the pros

Inspired by the setups of some of the biggest DJs in the world, the DDJ-REV1 comes with a new club-ready layout. It emulates a DJM-S mixer and turntables and makes a number of improvements over its predecessor, the DDJ-SB3. The 16 performance pads have been moved to the centre, the jog wheels are bigger, and Lever FX have been added, all of which make mixing feel even more intuitive on the portable controller. Additionally, the tempo sliders are now horizontal and located at the top of the deck section for the first time on an entry-level Pioneer DJ controller.

A new way to scratch

With a battle-ready layout, it’s no surprise that the DDJ-REV1 packs some extra scratch features, including the all-new Tracking Scratch mode. Tracking Scratch makes scratching fun and accessible for DJs of all skill levels, without being too automatic. This mode keeps the playhead in the position of the Cue Point while moving the platter, meaning you don’t have to use the crossfader or find the right place in your track. There are multiple Scratch Crossfader Cuts you can select via the performance pads. The new Scratch Bank feature in Lite is also available on the DDJ-REV1, with a dedicated pad mode on the controller.

Ready to live stream

Live streaming your DJ sets has proven to be a great way to stay engaged with fans, build a new audience, or even just to throw a virtual party for friends. The DDJ-REV1 was designed with live streaming in mind. As another first for an entry-level Pioneer DJ controller, the output of the master audio is mixed with the sound from the microphone if you have one plugged in. This means you don’t need any external equipment such as a soundcard or separate mixer if you want to add some vocals to your performance and route it through your computer.

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