Your new Song View

The ultimate DAW for beat making has received a stream of recent updates since the launch of real-time audio Stem separation in Serato Studio 2.0, such as VST3 and macOS Sonoma support.

Now that Studio 2.2.0 has launched, a series of Song View developments has been capped off, including:

These new features accumulate to a music production experience that keeps you focused and in the zone – whether that’s honing a song’s arrangement, structure, and dynamics, or running faster creative workflows.

Let’s walk through each of these updates.

Song View Navigator

See your full project overview at a glance, smoothly navigate through your song, zoom in or out, and scroll side to side using your trackpad or mouse.

Get Scene Clip’s MIDI sequences

Scene Clips now display MIDI sequence information from all Decks, letting you easily see how your song is structured and how each Scene varies from one another, right from your Song View.

Resize Scene Clips on the fly

Scene Clips placed in the Song View can now be resized, truncated and split – meaning you can quickly create or experiment with new variations of a Scene (for instance, a shorter version) without having to make clones for any changes.

Unlimited FX slots

Add, cut, copy, paste, or re-arrange as many of the plugins and built-in effects you need to get the sound you want. In the context of a song, unlimited FX means taking full control of your sound when mixing and mastering. 

Furthermore, third party FX plugins which support sidechaining can now select Serato Studio decks or pads as an input.

Create Sample Decks from Audio Clips

Instantly take what you’ve just recorded in the Song View to chop, flip or manipulate it in Studio’s legendary sampler.

For beat makers recording audio for resampling, or DJ producers who are digitizing their vinyl deep cuts for sampling, this is a fast and intuitive workflow hack that gets you where you want to go sooner.

Check out your new Song View – download Studio 2.2.0 or get your free Studio trial today.