The Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 is now supported – Serato DJ Pro 2.5.7

Pioneer DJ’s latest flagship multi player is now an Official Serato Accessory. Building on the legacy of the CDJ-2000NXS2, the CDJ-3000 features a number of powerful improvements. Get a smooth mixing experience with an enhanced MPU, redesigned hardware components, and a large 9-inch, high-resolution touch screen.

Get full control of Serato DJ Pro with the CDJ-3000 using HID mode, including Serato’s colored waveforms on the display.

To use HID mode, you’ll need to connect the CDJ-3000 to a Serato DJ Pro unlocked device or a supported device with a Serato DJ Pro license or subscription. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to connect.

Firmware update required

To use the CDJ-3000 with Serato DJ Pro, you will need to ensure it is using the latest firmware version. This can be downloaded from Pioneer DJ. For more information on how to update the firmware please watch the tutorial below.