Made by New Zealand Playlist

Here in our home base of New Zealand, May is ‘New Zealand Music Month’. For a small country, New Zealand has been punching well above its weight in the last decade. Artists and producers alike are being recognised on an international scale more and more – if you take a look at Joel Little or Benee’s career trajectories so far, the proof is in the pudding. 

To acknowledge the incredible art and talent that is put on display month in, month out for the world to enjoy, we wanted to curate a playlist of some of our favourite songs written and produced by New Zealanders.

A collection of songs spanning many genres, showing producers here aren’t one trick ponies, there’s tracks for the club and tracks to pair with a glass of wine at home. 

We hope you have, and continue to enjoy the incredible music that comes out of our small country in the South Pacific. 

This is Made by New Zealand. 

Cover: Montell2099