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The DJ scene in the US is out of sync: 69.5% of DJs are white and 76.5% are male.1 And for producers? Only 6.5% of 2023 Billboard charts were credited as women2 – with non-binary producers even less visible. But in the spirit of Women’s History Month, ‘Women to the Front’ is celebrating the unstoppable women who are breaking barriers, creating space, and amplifying their voices in the music industry, putting them right where they belong – front and center.

Women’s stories
to the front

This campaign is a shout-out to every woman who has ever felt sidelined or overlooked in the music industry and to every artist who’s had to hustle twice as hard to claim their spot behind the booth or mixing desk. Starring King Marie, Dana Lu, and Natasha Diggs—three icons who haven’t just navigated the tough terrain of the music industry but have also been busy rewriting the map—’Women to the Front’ is a film series that serves as a powerful ode to persistence and the sheer force of female creativity.

Meet the icons

Through each film, we dive deep into the stories of these artists, celebrating the tales of resilience, creativity, and empowerment that define women’s journeys in music. King Marie shares her transformative journey of identity and empowerment; Dana Lu shines as a beacon of resilience, breaking down barriers for black and brown girls; and 45 Queen, Natasha Diggs, ushers in a frequency revolution with her inclusive vision for the industry. Their stories, a battle cry against stereotypes, discrimination, and underrepresentation, light the way for the next wave of women in music. They prove that no matter the obstacles, nothing can hold back these powerhouses from making their mark in the industry.

Know your herstory: Riot Grrrl roots

The name is a contemporary tribute to the Riot Grrrl movement’s iconic “Girls to the Front!” Kathleen Hanna’s3 battle cry with Bikini Kill in the ’90s punk scene was about more than just music; it was a revolution for women’s space and safety at gigs. Urging men to make room, it was a bold move for visibility and solidarity, a foundation that inspires our mission today: to amplify women’s voices in music. It’s about continuing that legacy of safety, visibility, and empowerment.

The frequency revolution

Portrait of Natasha Diggs

“It’s powerful for little girls and even boys to see that women can do these types of historically male-dominated roles just as well.”

Natasha Diggs

Natasha Diggs is more than a DJ; she’s a force of nature, transforming any space into a sanctuary of high-vibrational sounds that connect and heal.  At the forefront of a “frequency revolution,” Natasha uses her platform and music to catalyze change in the industry and beyond, actively elevating women’s voices. This revolution isn’t just about the genres she mixes; it’s about the energy and intention behind her sets. Through her work with Soul in the Horn, Natasha champions inclusivity, diversity, and the power of music to connect people across different backgrounds. Her sets mix global sounds and “music with horns,” showcasing music’s universal appeal and its power to break down barriers. Her work is a powerful reminder that in the music world, there’s room at the front for everyone.

Want more of Natasha Diggs’ vibrational impact? Check out her full film and the story behind it.

Crown her King

Portrait of King Marie

“I didn’t see somebody who looked like me on a billboard. I didn’t see Asian families on a billboard, and that’s why I wanted my career to set an example.”

King Marie

King Marie is a multi-hyphenate artist from Chicago who challenges gender stereotypes and promotes diversity in the music industry. Her work advocates for equal representation and showcases the growing presence and influence of women DJs and musicians. Through her music and projects, notably “FILIPINX” and “This Is What Asian Looks Like,” King Marie carves out space for underrepresented voices, making her a visionary leader for women and the broader community – embodying the change she wishes to see in the music world.

Want more King Marie? Right this way. Watch the full film and read her story to see how she’s reshaping music.

Breaking barriers and opening doors

Portrait of Dana Lu

“I really want to show other brown and black girls that this is doable – you can do it as well.”

Dana Lu

Afro-Latina DJ and producer, Dana Lu, is shaking up the music scene with her blends of house, Jersey Club, and Dembow. Her music, rich with her cultural heritage, showcases a global dance vibe that’s uniquely infectious.

Committed to breaking industry barriers for black and brown girls, Dana aspires to inspire and empower the next generation, proving that success on the festival stages and beyond is within reach. Overcoming challenges like skepticism from bouncers and creating her own space in the music world, Dana’s journey is a powerful narrative of resilience. Through her EPs and viral remixes, she’s encouraging others with a message of hope and empowerment: “If I can do it, you can do it as well.”

Want to take a closer look at how Dana Lu is changing the game? Watch the film, and read her story.

Women to the Front isn’t just about the now; it’s about laying the groundwork for a future where the music industry reflects the true spectrum of talent and diversity. It’s about creating a world where the next generation of girls can see themselves reflected in every facet of the music world, from the studio to the stage. This campaign is a rallying cry for everyone who believes in the power of music to change the world. Let’s make it louder, let’s make it clear: women are not just stepping to the front; they’re leading the charge.


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