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Audio Affect Beat Tape

Last year, we kicked off the Audio Affect Series with TEC Leimert and Undefeated to empower Black and Brown aspiring producers in South LA and beyond. Inspired by Leimert Park’s rich culture and creativity, this workshop series blends music, culture, and tech to craft the new wave of sound innovators.

This Black History Month, we’re excited to unveil a major milestone in the series: the release of the Audio Affect Series Beat Tape. Celebrating the incredible raw talent and creativity of Black and Brown musicians and producers in LA, this release is all about the future of music.

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The beat tape shines a light on the incredible talent sprouting up in South Los Angeles and beyond. Featuring standout tracks from Lyric Jones, Mylo Mu, Keliief, GaigeB, DJ Cori Jaye, Bridget Perez, Taariq Elliott, DJ Cherri, Da_Gawd_G, NFNTY 94, LDOT ADOT, and TVKII, the beat tape is a testament to the diverse sounds and stories that these artists bring to the forefront of LA’s music scene. It’s about giving these voices a platform, recognizing their work, and supporting their growth.

This release means the start of a new era of music, a new genre, a new sound. I just feel like this’ a new energy. We’re the next generation of producers and artists that are going to take over the game.”

Mylo MU 
Track 2–“Forrest”

Group image of 12 artists
From left to right: Da_Gawd_G, GaigeB, Bridget Perez, Lyric Jones, NFNTY 94, DJ Cori Jaye, Keliief, Mylo Mu, Taariq Elliott, DJ Cherri, Ldot Adot, and TVKII
From left to right, top to bottom: NFNTY 94, DJ Cherri, Lyric Jones, GaigeB, TVKII, Da_Gawd_G, DJ Cori Jaye, Mylo Mu, Ldot Adot, Taariq Elliott, Bridget Perez, and Keliief

4 sessions hosted, 70+ participants engaged. 

Drawing inspiration from Leimert Park’s rich cultural heritage, the Audio Affect Series offered hands-on workshops led by eight seasoned producers, including Dahi, Lyric Jones, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Gwen Bunn, Dibia$e, and Iman Omari – as well as Serato’s OP Miller and TEC Leimert’s multi-disciplinary ill Camille. Together, they provided artists with a deep dive into music production, fostering new skills and creative insights.

Serato, Audio Affect Series, Women's History Month workshop

This was the first time I started to have the confidence to come back out and try new things. It’s going to be a time stamp on a movement for me with this release.”

Lyric Jones 
Track 1–“Around The Way”

Photo of Taariq Elliott, Keliief, Da_Gawd_G, and Mylo Mu
Taariq Elliott, Keliief, Da_Gawd_G, and Mylo Mu
Photo of Lyric Jones
Lyric Jones

Curating the Beat Tape

Now streaming on SoundCloud, the Audio Affect Series Beat Tape was born out of a desire to honor TEC Leimert’s goal of facilitating opportunities for Black and Brown creatives in the music and technology industries. Selected for their standout beats, these producers represent just some of the immense talent that came through the workshops. It’s a reflection of the inspiration shared, the community, and the city’s creative and diverse music. Each track tells a story, not just showcasing technical skill but also the personal journey and inspiration behind the music.

“This experience has helped me realize, –this passion of mine is something that’s not meant to be kept to myself, it’s meant to be shared.”

Track 3–“Autumn Leaves”

In celebration of this milestone, we’ve pressed a limited edition 12’’ vinyl record. It’s a tangible tribute to the producers’ contributions that was presented at a listening party hosted by Undefeated, honoring their work.

Limited edition Audio Affect Series 12’’ vinyl record

“I had a bucket list for my life. And I didn’t expect this to be checked off so soon.

Ldot Adot 
Track 11–“Rose Colored Roulette”

Photo of Bridget Perez
Bridget Perez
Photo of NFNTY 94, DJ Cori Jaye, and Ldot Adot
NFNTY 94, DJ Cori Jaye, and Ldot Adot

A Celebration of Potential

The Audio Affect Series Beat Tape is a narrative of growth, aspiration, and community. Through their music, each artist contributes to a larger story of what it means to create, share, and inspire in Los Angeles. As we listen to their tracks, we’re not just hearing music; we’re experiencing the dreams, challenges, and triumphs of a vibrant and diverse creative community.

“Everyone that I’ve worked with during this journey has taken something raw and developed it into something that can be displayed for anyone to learn from as a means of overcoming certain things within yourself or outside of self.

Track 12–“Departed Welcoming”

Photo of GaigeB and DJ Cherri
GaigeB and DJ Cherri
Photo of TVKII

“This is the manifestation of my thoughts and actions – being consistent and pushing past fear. This is going to inspire me to keep going and to keep trying and learning.

DJ Cherri 
Track 8–“Level”

So, tune in, share with your friends, and become part of the ongoing journey of these talented artists.

Aerial Image by Overview, source imagery © Nearmap