Top Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

We’ve spoken about how to harness Instagram for the purposes of excelling your personal brand, growing and maintaining your audience and conveying an aesthetic and tone that best suits what you’re trying to achieve. 

Instagram is fun, too – full of extraordinary videos and/or memes and with that in mind, we wanted to shine a light on the other side of the ‘gram. 

Here are the Instagram accounts we think you should be following.


Texas-born, New York-based electronic artist Marc Ribillet is a one of a kind. 

He’s renowned for making hilarious songs on the fly with lyrics you would never expect to hear. 

A great way to keep your feed lighthearted, whilst seeing some full-fledged talent at the same time. 


Dance music giant Diplo will not be news to you. 

His efforts with his own music, as well as projects like Major Lazer, Jack Ü and Silk City have made him one of the most successful people in electronic music across the board. 

His Instagram isn’t all serious industry content though. In fact, quite the opposite. 

Diplo is hilarious. He loves pulling pranks on his friends and children, doing skits and creating incredible captions for pictures that don’t really make any sense.

He’s also been really active throughout the lockdown period with live streaming sets and Q+A’s. He might be all jokes 99% of the time, but he really cares about staying engaged with fans. 


What started out as a website to find lyrics to your favorite rap songs has exploded into one of the most trusted curators of modern music. 

Genius has interviews with your favorite artists, news on new releases and happenings in the scene, as well as insight into the creative processes of some of the world’s biggest stars. 

You’ll stay in the know permanently. 


Some inspiration for your studio space. 

Producer City posts content of studios all around the world – belonging to the world’s greatest and to the world’s unknown.

There are countless incredible studios that are meticulously perfect and awe-inspiring to look at. Plus, there are tons of videos of musicians absolutely shredding their instruments. 

What’s not to love? 


Pigeons and Planes is a music publication that focuses on supporting new artists and keeping their ears to the ground for fresh tracks. 

They’re the ones who tell you about an artist before they blow up. 

You could be that person from your friends – just click that blue button. 


If you’re into Hip-Hop, this is social media scripture. 

XXL Magazine has been at the forefront of Hip-Hop culture for over two decades, bringing news, music, and culture to their fans regarding their favorite rappers. 

Want to know what Lil Uzi Vert is currently doing? The car that Gucci Mane just bought? How many joints Wiz Khalifa has smoked today?

This is for you.