Get to know Mylo Mu

It’s hard not to feel inspired listening to Mylo Mu speak. Whether he’s talking about making music, his visual arts practice, or about living in culturally-rich places like South LA, the Bay Area and New York City, he speaks about creativity with a sense of care, optimism and passion that is infectious. We’re excited to have his unique artistic perspective showcased on Serato’s Kitchen for the month of June.

“A lot of my first experiences with music were in Leimert Park.”

Mylo was born in Los Angeles, and the Leimert Park neighborhood gave him a musical foundation that has stayed with him throughout his life and career. Whether he was going to World Stage, doing shows at Banana’s, or witnessing Open Mike Eagle freestyling around the neighborhood, music and creativity were interwoven with his everyday life as a youngster. He would go on to live in the Bay Area, a place he credits with helping him become more open-minded as well as to think more politically, and eventually New York while studying for a Masters in Fine Arts. He says each of those places is a home for him: “Those places have made me who I am and balanced me out.”

A multidisciplinary artist, Mylo is also an accomplished painter and designer, and sees his musical creations and his visual art as being innately related. “Sound is art,” he says firmly, before sharing that his ultimate goal with music is that it prompts an image in the listeners mind.

“To see a sampler that was modeled after the thinking of a DJ was next level to me.”

He was first introduced to Fruity Loops in a music production class, and started making crude beats that “didn’t make sense” as well as experimenting with sampling using Fruity Slicer. At the time he was inspired heavily by the legends of sampling J Dilla, Madlib and Kanye. After some time he switched over to Ableton, discovered Serato Sample and became hooked. Having already DJ’d, he loved the parallels between Sample and Serato’s DJ software, which made his eventual progression to using Serato Studio a natural fit.

While Mylo agrees “there is a vulnerability to showing people your process,” he also firmly believes that the root of everything is knowledge, and for that reason he’s excited to be able to share his knowledge and creative process through his Serato’s Kitchen Residency. He says his mental and emotional state impacts his creative flow each time he opens up his software to create, so his Kitchen sessions will be a mixture of more structured approaches as well as a bit more of a free flow, depending on how he feels that day. “I want people to execute their ideas,” he says,” My goal at the end of the day is to make the world more creative, so if I can aid in people’s process I’m definitely going to help.”

Mylo Mu Serato’s Kitchen dates

Episode one: June 8th 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 8pm UK 
Episode two: June 15th 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 8pm UK
Episode three: June 22nd 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 8pm UK 
Episode four: June 29th 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 8pm UK 

Watch Mylo Mu’s Serato’s Kitchen episodes live on the Serato Twitch channel and download the samples from the Serato Discord before each episode.