Introducing Rane Four

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The possibilities are endless with the RANE FOUR, the first controller to be equipped with dedicated controls for Serato Stems.

Built to meet the tough demands of performance DJs, this powerful 4-channel controller allows you to instantly isolate the acapella or instrumental of a playing track, all through the use of dedicated, user-friendly Stem controls.

It also features 8.5-inch platters with onboard track information displays, two battle-style FX paddles, and 16 large RGB Performance Pads to control Serato DJ Pro Pad Modes, including the brand new Stems Pad Mode.

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Ground-breaking features

Instant acapellas or instrumentals

For the first time on a Serato-supported controller, DJs will have the ability to instantly isolate the acapella or instrumental of a playing track with the single touch of a button.

Dedicated Key Adjust buttons also allow you to sync or shift the key of the stems for seamless blends and transitions.

Double down with Stem-Split

By activating this unique feature, DJs can instantly double and link the playing track to the deck below, gaining access to the instrumental AND acapella across the two-deck layers.

Deck 1/2 will only play the acapella of that track, while deck 3/4 will only play the instrumental. Apply FX and use the channel faders to adjust the volume of these stems individually and create your own exclusive masterpiece.

Dedicated Stems Pad Mode and Pad Mode screens

The RANE FOUR comes with its own pre-mapped Stems Pad Mode, giving DJs quick control over four audio stems and instant Stem FX for any song in their library. DJs will also easily be able to see the function of each pad via dedicated LED Pad Mode screens.

Four dedicated channels and two battle-style FX paddles

A first for any professional controller, the RANE FOUR provides four dedicated channels AND two battle-style Paddle FX. It comes equipped with software FX, 22 unique RANE hardware FX, and a selection of Channel FX that DJs can control using the four dedicated Channel FX knobs.

8.5″ platters with built-in displays

Built to meet the demands of performance DJs, the 8.5 inch platters on the RANE FOUR also feature a full-color LED screen that shows important track information like BPM, track overview and duration, and more.

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Unlocks Serato DJ Pro

The RANE FOUR is purpose-built for full control over Serato Stems. Unlock Serato DJ Pro for free when plugged into the software.

Official support of the RANE FOUR is due in a forthcoming release of Serato DJ Pro.