Introducing Sacred Geometry IV – ‘Foundations’ Control Vinyl

The Sacred Geometry Series continues with ‘Foundations’, the penultimate iteration of our exploration of the intricate connections between geometry and music.

In life’s sacred geometry, patterns of three surround us, echoing in the harmony of body, mind, and spirit, and resonating through our perception of time as past, present, and future. These patterns find a unique voice in the world of music, where the triangle emerges as a powerful symbol. In ‘Sacred Geometry IV – Foundations,’ it represents the essence of music composition: melody, rhythm, and harmony. These elements form the bedrock of a DJ’s artistry, showcasing their skill in weaving disparate sounds into a beautiful whole. This series celebrates DJs as masterful sound architects, skillfully blending varied tones and beats into a cohesive, harmonious masterpiece.

As a follow-up to our previous three releases in this series, ‘Foundations’ is a custom-made vinyl that features a translucent white base with elegant gold streaks and violet textures radiating from the center. The vinyl is pressed into a standard 12” Serato weight disc, ensuring that it meets the highest performance standards and demands. Additionally, the vinyl comes encased in a precision laser-cut sleeve made from luxurious matte black stock.

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