Jake One’s Hometown Sounds Amplified with Sample 2.0

Introducing Hometown Sounds, a brand new series that dives into the creative process of hip hop’s most in-demand producers. The debut episode features legendary hip hop producer and Seattle native, Jake One, who’s produced for the biggest names in the genre including Drake, Future, J.Cole, Rick Ross, and more. Driven by Sample 2.0 – the latest update to Serato’s renowned music production plugin featuring stem-separation technology, Jake takes us on a journey through his history and influences. He reimagines sounds from his Seattle roots in a narrative that’s as soulful as it is innovative. 

Beats, Mentors, and Magic: Jake’s Journey Unveiled

From humble beginnings as that “skinny white kid making beats” in Seattle to producing hits like Rock Co.Kane Flow for De La Soul, Jake’s now a legend in his own right.

“I was just fortunate to grow up on a block with a lot of other kids and older kids that were into cool music. And from that came my exposure to a lot of things. Funk, early, hip hop, break, dancing, graffiti.”

Throughout the story Jake connects with several influential mentors including award-winning DJ Supreme La Rock; Tony Benton of funk-soul band Tony Benton & Teleclere; and illustrious rapper, producer, DJ and audio engineer Vitamin D. We witness his creative metamorphosis, as he reimagines sounds from his early days with Sample 2.0, resulting in a sonic love letter to the city that raised him.

But here’s the magic – Jake One’s creative possibilities have evolved with Serato Stems. Now, he effortlessly flips samples, isolating vocals, bass, drums, and melody with a few clicks allowing him to dissect and reconstruct the elements that make his beats pop. 

Jake One recording drums at Soundview Analog Studio

Unveiling the Sonic Soul of Seattle with Stems

Using Stems allows Jake One to isolate the soulful ‘70s funk keys and vocals of “Darlin Oh Darlin” by Steppen Stones, which was included on the Wheedle Grove’s Seattle Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie: Volume II 1972-1987 album compiled by Supreme La Rock. Jake One masterfully blends these components together with the keys and vocals of “Is You or Is You Ain’t” by Tony Benton & Teleclere. He seamlessly incorporates drums recorded at Washington’s renowned Soundview Analog Recorders production studio and completes the track with the University of Washington Huskies’ Touchdown Siren. Listen to the beat, titled “All Day Pass,” on Soundcloud here.

Jake One and Tony Benton

“Regardless of genre, the one constant I’ll always have in my music is interesting and unique sounds. Thanks to Sample, I can do that.”  

– Jake One

With Sample 2.0 as his plug-in of choice, Jake One is redefining what it means to create, pushing boundaries, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of hip hop.

Download Sample 2.0 and unlock the power of real-time stem separation. Don’t forget to hashtag your beats with #seratostems so we can see what you create.