LA Hip Hop Artists find their flow with Serato Studio

Nothing is more powerful in music than finding your flow. Locking into that creative momentum, crafting without pausing or second-guessing, just letting the inspiration flow uninterrupted. Serato Studio is purpose-built with this in mind; how can we best get artists like you into that flow state, and keep you there?

So to get the word out there, we reached out to our LA hip hop community, to talk about their flow state, what it means to them, and how it plays into their creative process. MATRIXUNNI, Low Key and Mylo MU stepped up, to welcome you into their minds, speaking to what makes them tick, who they are, and how they flow.

From the artists themselves…

Mylo MU sitting on top of a scenic outlook in Los Angeles California for Serato Studio Find Your Flow

“You can’t pursue flow – you have to find it within yourself. You have to find your inner peace and then you can flow.”

– Mylo MU @pureunderstanding

Low Key standing on the street at night for Serato Studio Find Your Flow

“When I have a good flow going, everything’s just going one after another. It’s a feeling that I’m chasing.” 

– Low Key @cor_don_

Matrixunni portrait with the Los Angeles city skyline featured for Serato Studio Find Your Flow

“If I want to just get away and create something and be proud of something and feel good – I can always look to music.” 

– MATRIXUNNI @matrixunni