Introducing the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10

It’s an exciting time for us in the world of Serato DJ.

We’ve just announced Serato DJ Pro 2.3.7, which brings support for the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10

Pioneer DJ DJM-V10

This is the latest mixer from Pioneer DJ, a 6-channel powerhouse that gives DJs close to complete control over the sound of their mix, offering increased creativity with sound design. 

DJs frequenting professional clubs and touring environments can now enjoy vast connectivity. You can control four decks with Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS, and still have room to add unique hardware to your sets. This is where synth instruments and drum machines can come into play, letting you improvise and add a personal flair to your live show. 

“The first 6-channel mixer supported in Serato, and we’re excited for DJs to be able to add extra instruments and dimensions to their set, while keeping control over the 4 decks in Serato DJ Pro”

Nick Maclaren, Chief Strategy Officer

For those who frequent the mic, the mixer includes dual isolated mic channels, which can be adjusted on the fly. There are also dual USB ports and headphone outputs, allowing easy back-to-back DJing and seamless changeovers.

The master isolator provides enhanced control over the front of house mix, and can also be used as a performance tool where you can EQ your full mix at once. 

There are dedicated filters and internal send FX, allowing DJs to apply filters and FX from different sources simultaneously, instead of choosing between.

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With Serato DJ Pro 2.3.7 and the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10, you can now harness the combined power of two of the most powerful tools in DJing.