Serato Unveils Sample 2.0: The Future of Sampling

The future of sampling is here with Sample 2.0 and it’s about to redefine the way you create. Here’s what you need to know.

MentPlus, Producer/DJ making beats in Ableton Live with Serato Sample 2.0 featuring Stems

Sample 2.0 – Now With Stems

Sample 2.0 delivers Serato’s cutting-edge stem separation technology right to your fingertips, making it effortless to isolate vocals, melody, bass, or drums from your audio samples. With this plug-in, Serato’s powerful machine-learning algorithm gives you precise control without sacrificing quality – all while seamlessly integrating into your existing sampling workflow. 

Whether flipping a sample, remixing a track, or turning samples into unique instruments — never before have isolated audio stems been this intuitive, accessible, or expressive.

“Every time I sit down with Serato Sample, I’m blown away by how fast I’m getting fresh ideas out. And let me tell you, the audio separation on this is crazy clean,”

Jake One, GRAMMY Award-nominated producer (Drake, Travis Scott, J. Cole) 
Stems activated in Sample plug-in

OP! Takes Us Through Sample 2.0

Get in the studio with our resident expert and producer extraordinaire OP! He’s pulling back the curtain on how Stems can help you push the boundaries of what’s possible with your sampling through real-time stem separation.

Honoring Hip Hop’s Legacy

It’s a nod to the past and a wink to the future, honoring the rich 50-year legacy of sampling in hip hop while advancing the boundaries of contemporary music creation. This blend of respect for tradition and thirst for innovation is shaping a new era in music.

“Sampling used to be just chopping & stretching songs. Now, I get INSTANT access to audio stems in my DAW. Completely changes the game.”

!llmind GRAMMY Award-winning producer (Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Drake) 

Get Started

All free trials have been reset for the Sample 2.0 launch. That means if you’ve already trialed but want to explore Stems you can make the most of Sample 2.0s full feature set.

Sample 2.0 is here, putting the future of sampling at your fingertips. Learn more about how it can help you elevate your beat-making and download now to get started with Serato Stems.