Serato Studio 1.4.9 with Project BPM Tap

Serato Studio 1.4.9 is here, bringing you a bunch of new features as we continually enhance your studio experience. 

What’s New?

Project BPM Tap

This version introduces Project BPM Tap – giving you the ability to tap out the BPM of a song on your trackpad or MIDI instrument, rather than typing in the value or using the arrows. 

This is perfect for when you want to get an idea in your head down, or reference another track without knowing the exact BPM.

Beatgrid improvements

You can now use a metronome while editing your Beatgrids for better accuracy – perfect for acapellas.

Handy workflow updates

Serato Studio 1.4.9 includes the ability to rename your Audio Tracks – just right click and type in your desired name. 

You can now use your COMMAND + L/R keys to instantly load Patterns, FX, and plugins. 

Plus you can see which Decks have Automation activated, via a purple highlighted outline for a speedier workflow.

We hope you love it – happy creating.