Serato Studio 1.5.1

Serato Studio 1.5.1 has landed, introducing new updates that will improve your workflow and allow you to achieve new sonics in your beats.

This update introduces Instrument Note Sustain, which means that chords and notes can be held indefinitely and continue to play. You’ll be able to create endless walls of sound, which is perfect for building into big crescendos or creating atmospheric transitions.

One thing to keep in mind: you’ll have to redownload the Serato sound packs to use this feature. 

Serato Studio 1.5.1 also introduces Audio Output Channel Select. This gives you the ability to select which output channels (on a connected sound card) Serato Studio sends audio out to. This will give you freedom and versatility when moving around different studio spaces, using different sound cards.

We’ve added a brand new Scene Track View. This now allows you to add FX and mix parameters to the full Scene Track, rather than individual decks. It’s great for transitions, adding master compression to the instrumentation, and creating spacey parts with delay or echo.

We’ve also made some improvements to the Automation. You can now right-click on any button or knob and select ‘Show Automation’ or ‘Reset Automation’. Get it done nice and fast, so you can get back to adding the next layer of your track.

To cap it off, there’s also some analysis improvements, video file support for DV, MPG and MPEG, plus some workflow improvements and bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy it – happy beat making.