Serato Studio 1.7 with 16 Pads and Mixer View

The latest release of Serato Studio has landed – introducing 1.7.0, now with 16 Pads, Mixer View and more.

16 Pads

16 Pads are now included in the Serato Studio drum, sample and instrument decks. Triggering these pads from a laptop keyboard has been improved with a new 4×4 shortcut grid which uses the 1-4, Q-R, A-F, Z-V keys. 

When using 16 pads with the Instrument Deck while in Play In Key Mode, the pads will default to using the Piano layout AWSED(…) keys. This can be changed so that it also uses the same 4×4 keyboard shortcut layout that the Sample/Drum Decks use by selecting the ‘Pad Shortcut Keys’ option in the dropdown next to the ‘Play In Key’ mode button.

Please note that when the Instrument Deck has the ‘Pad Shortcut Keys’ option enabled, keys < and > are used to change octaves instead of the default Z and X keys.

serato studio 1.7 with 16 pads

To ensure that Serato Studio’s new 16 Deck Pads align in the correct order with 16 pad (4×4) MIDI controllers – a new ‘Reverse Pad Order’ option has been added to the General section of the Setup screen. With this option enabled, Deck Pad 1 will start at the bottom left, instead of the top left – which matches a lot of MIDI controllers.

serato studio 1.7 with reverse pad option

Please note: You will need to re-download and reinstall some of Serato Studio’s Sound Packs in order to access the updated Drum Kits with 16 one-shots/samples.

Mixer View

serato studio 1.7 with mixer view

A brand-new Mixer View lets you view and adjust all of your mixer channel strips in one place – letting you compare volume levels, pan channels and tweak the EQs to get the perfect mix.

To display the mixer view click the mix button located at the top of the screen to the left of the Serato Studio logo.

Show shortcut keys

serato studio 1.7 shortcut keys

You can now view all Serato Studio keyboard shortcuts in one place by selecting ‘Show Shortcut Keys’ in the ‘Help’ menu. This will help you visualise some of the changes made in Serato Studio 1.7.0, as well as learn some handy new shortcuts to speed up your workflow.