#ThankYouDJs: Honoring the DJ on Hip Hop’s 50th

As we celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop we want to take a moment to honor the often unsung hero of the genre – the DJ. In 1973, a 16-year-old DJ Kool Herc took to the turntables at his sister’s back-to-school Bronx party and lit up the crowd when he extended the breakbeat of James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”. This party trick ended up being the spark that started Hip Hop – and from that moment DJs have been pioneers and innovators, responsible for creating one of the biggest cultural movements of our time.

Fast forward to today and we’re taking our cue from Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Eric B. Is President’ and saying #ThankYouDJs, paying tribute to the original architects of the culture, and celebrating the new talent innovating and moving the art form forward.

We’re kicking things off with the iconic DJ Jazzy Jeff, who will present a routine that doubles as a masterclass in DJ craftsmanship. He’ll also be inviting a host of legendary friends and DJs across the board to join in with their own routines. 

Stay tuned for other iconic DJs taking their turn at the decks, including DJ Scratch, DJ Cocoa Chanelle, Grand Wizzard Theodore, GrandMixer DXT, DJ Jazzy Jay and more.

Here’s How to Join the Action

From Hip Hop pioneers to up-and-coming bedroom turntablists, #ThankYouDJs is an open mic for DJs of all levels to showcase their skills. Got a routine that’ll make heads spin? A blend to break the internet? Lay it down. We’ve even created a custom toolkit of Instagram filters and stickers to help you level up your routines. 

How to get involved:

  1. Film your routine in-app in your Story to access all of our filters, or; add stickers to your pre-recorded Reel or Story before posting.
  2. Use the #ThankYouDJs and #Serato hashtags
  3. Tag @Serato so we can find and share your routines.

Filters and Stickers: The Complete HH50 Toolkit

Hip Hop 50 Filters

With our decade-specific filters, you can travel through Hip Hop’s rich history, and turn your set into a music video from your favorite decade. Go back to the birth of hip hop in the boogie-down Bronx and feel that boom-bap with filters from the 70s – 90s. Or step into Hip Hop’s digital revolution and channel your inner 2010s Soundcloud rapper with filters from the 00s to today.

70s: Boogie-Down Soul – The Boogie-Down Bronx meets the dawn of hip-hop. This filter adds an aesthetic perfect for park jams and Soul Train moments. Pure, unfiltered funk.

80s: Hip Hop, Now Live and In Color – Get hit with pops of color – this filter brings you back to the age of MTV, breakdancing, and the art of the scribble.

90s: Fish-Eye Legends – Dark, raw, and unapologetically ’90s. Capture the rise of rap and the influence of the West Coast with this fish-eye lens. It’s all about the artist.

00s: Bling Era – Hip Hop learns the art of being extra. Think fur, bling, and flexing while you’re Excel Spreadsheet texting.

10s: Hip Hop is in its feelings – A moody filter that echoes the SoundCloud rap era. Ideal for being in your feelings.

20s: Aesthetic AF – Sleek and minimalistic, designed for the new decade where hip-hop branches into countless sub-genres. High fashion meets utilitarian style in a world increasingly driven by AI.

How-To: Gettin’ Filtered

Navigate to our @serato IG account, find the filter tab (it’s the icon with three stars), and start playing. You can use these filters on both your feed and your stories. Once you’ve chosen your era, hit the #ThankYouDJs and #Serato tags and let the world know what’s up.

HH50 Instagram Stories Stickers

We’re rolling out a curated selection of Instagram stickers that encapsulate 50 years of hip-hop culture—from the ’70s funk to its modern-day influence. These curated stickers serve as historical touchpoints you can integrate into your own routines. Plus, we’re including an exclusive sticker designed by legendary artist and the world’s first Hip Hop comic book creator Eric Orr, featuring his iconic Rappin’ Max Robot. Want in? In your stories or Reels, just search ‘Serato HH50’ in the search bar to access all our custom stickers.

What’s Next?

Follow @serato to stay updated with what’s coming down the pipeline. We’ve got more legendary collabs and more chances for community involvement. Don’t miss out on the celebration of hip-hop’s 50-year legacy.

Feeling inspired? Join the Serato HH50 movement and create your own routine using #ThankYouDJs and #Serato hashtags – and don’t forget to tag @serato so we can help you share the love.