The Future of Sampling: Featuring Timbaland and DJ Khalil

New to sampling? Or perhaps you just want to dip into the minds of two music greats. Nonetheless, Serato and Beatclub invite you to join “The Future of Sampling”. This features a live discussion and demo with Grammy award-winning producers Timbaland & DJ Khalil, hosted by OP! from Serato.

These two powerhouse producers will discuss the history of sampling in music production and run a live peformance of Stems in Studio 2.0 – Serato Studio’s real-time audio separation technology that’s revolutionizing sample-based music production and allowing musicians to unlock new levels of creativity.

“With this update, Serato Studio is the center of my universe. This is a big moment for music production.” – Grammy-winning Producer DJ Khalil

Don’t miss out on this free event. Register now and tune in via Zoom on March 7th at 5pm EST.

Exclusive Beatclub Offer

Beatclub is here to help music creators at every level grow and start achieving their goals through mentorship, creator tools, opportunities and community. 

As a part of this special event, all Serato attendees receive an exclusive 20% off discount on the Beatclub annual membership.

With this, you’ll get:

• Unlimited access to exclusive placement opportunities.

• Custom curated royalty-free and bearing SoundPacks.

• 1-on-1 music feedback from A&R industry professionals.

• Timbaland’s one and only “Bounce Coming Up” SoundPack & Beatclub BC1 (Time Traveler) plug-in.