Fresh Finds | October: Come Alive

There’s something to be said for curating music to soundtrack the party at different points of the night. You don’t want to have the super intense bass music cranking at 5PM, and vice versa with the warm up tunes at midnight.

Serato Fresh Finds

So let’s get it right – these are our favourite tracks from October to help you come alive at the party.

Human Movement – Waiting 

An early gift from their (so far) unnamed album, Garage/Techno/House artist Human Movement present ‘Waiting’.

Human Movement’s genre is often hard to pin down, and this track explores traits of all three genres above. Garage, breakbeat drums with a lofi mix power the song forward, while draped in lush house chords and glitchy vocal chops which are very techno-esque. 

It opens you up to go down any of those genre avenues for the next song in the cue. Or if you stick with Human Movement, you can hit all three at once.

Bicep – Apricots

Bicep’s latest offering has more resemblance to a symphony than an electronic track. 

The heavyweight duo release a song that is a continual melodic journey, with atmospheric layers continually being introduced as the song builds and builds towards a crescendo. It’s a real stare at the stars, ponder your existence track. Sometimes we need that time outside our brains. 

Plus, Bicep’s production rules. As always.

Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

This is a real bridge between the party starter tracks and the party heights tracks. It’s got some melodic arpeggiators and warm synths that work on the tail end of some of the more chill starter tracks. But those drums – they hit heavy. 

Perfect for getting everyone moving a little bit more than the casual side to side step which is sort of a dance, but I mean…barely.

Tourist – Siren

This track is nothing short of classic Tourist. Ethereal, atmospheric synths with reverb and echo that fill up all of the space in your speaker – making you feel like you’re experiencing it live. 

This one is perfect for when the sun is still up, but not by much.

Booka Shade – Time Traveller

Pumping kick drum. Snappy snare. Sidechained synth goodness. That. Bass. 

This is another great one for the back end of the Come Alive session. You could probably use this as the catalyst to start bringing in the heavier tracks.