sound pack ‘unfound sounds’ is here

Providing a platform for underrepresented voices in the industry to reimagine past sounds for future generations

Cover image of Gender Amplified: Unfound” Sound Pack

The wait is over. Introducing our brand new exclusive sound pack, Unfound Sounds, the culmination of a stunning collaboration between Serato and Gender Amplified, a nonprofit organization that empowers women in music production. The sound pack is bursting with meticulously crafted analog sounds, beats, and samples you can’t find anywhere else, showcasing the incredible talent, artistry, and innovation of women and non-binary producers. And the best part? We’re giving it away completely free to Serato Studio users.

I feel like what we have created brings something different. We’re really shaping something that could impact the music industry.

– Melissa Lyric
Gender Amplified community
From left to right: Melissa Lyric, Tiger Darrow, Boston Chery, Krithi Rao, Cam Dasher, Brown Jewel, Ximone Stewart, Somer Bingham, and Ebonie Smith

Crafted by the Community, for the Community

Picture this: In the heart of Brooklyn’s Hyperballad Studios, nine insanely talented members of the Gender Amplified community – producers and sound designers, converged for two electrifying days. Together, Ebonie Smith, Melissa Lyric, Lord Scorpio, Brown Jewel, Krithi Rao, Boston Chery, Tiger Darrow, and Cam Dasher painstakingly crafted 69 classic and boundary-pushing sounds. From never-heard-before audio samples and dynamic loops to hard hitting-drum kits and various instrument one-shots, this collection is tailor-made to open up new sonic possibilities in your production.

You’re going to get new perspectives, arrangements, and sounds that come from the involvement of everybody. That makes the music better, music culture better, and we all benefit.

– Jonathan Benedict
Hyperballad Music Co-Founder
Gender Amplified past sounds image
Clockwise from left: Somer Bingham, Brown Jewel, Melissa Lyric, Krithi Rao, and Boston Chery

Reimagining Past Sounds for Future Generations

Gender Amplified reimagines a unique collection of classic and boundary-pushing sounds to fuel your production, all while celebrating innovation & inclusivity. Created by women & nonbinary music producers from the Ctrl Room Series, Unfound Sounds is packed with rhythmic explorations to discover intricate percussive patterns, lo-fi textures, and one-of-a-kind field recordings & audio samples sourced from classic analog & modular gear. As an alternative take on an ever-evolving sonic palette, the sounds were processed using creative techniques & tools from distortion and vintage amps to craft a next-generation sound.

The concept for Unfound Sounds originally was lo-fi sounds. We wanted to take conventional sounds that producers might use regularly and alter them to create low-fi transients and one-shots.

– Ebonie Smith
President & Founder, Gender Amplified
Gender Amplified unfound image
From left to right: Tiger Darrow, Cam Dasher, Krithi Rao, and Boston Chery

Turning ‘Unfound’ into Found

With just women making up just 2.8% of producers from the 2022 Billboard Hot 100 chart, for the Gender Amplified community, Unfound Sounds is not just a collection of sounds, but a chance to share their music with the world. The name not only references the unique sounds within the pack but also pays homage to the community that created it.

One of the reasons the pack is called Unfound Sounds is because the sounds are unfound. They’re literally sounds that can only be experienced through our community.

– Ebonie Smith

Ready to try out the sound pack for yourself? Download Unfound Sounds here.