Serato Livestream Awards 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 left us with a hunger for live music. We’ve been deprived of the live events we love, but we’re proud of the way the community has adapted to the times.

It’s an absolute pleasure to have been so involved in live streaming this year. Our Twitch channel has become a community full of positivity – the online equivalent of strangers dancing together in a crowd. 

The talent we’ve had on our Twitch has been immense. We’ve seen some amazing sets, laughed at some great banter, and danced at home like we were at the club. 

There have been artists that came on our Twitch that stood out. It’s one thing to get a live online setup and running to align with the turbulence of 2020 – it’s another to shine in that space. 

We wanted to recognize them. 

There are your Serato Livestream Award winners for 2020. 

Most Views: Rayray

Serato Livestream Awards - Most viewed

On her Twitch channel this year alone, Rayray 13.6M views. She streamed for 290 total hours, generating 854,000 hours watched. Not only is she an incredible DJ that provides premium content, but she’s also shown a massive commitment to her Twitch fan base. 290 hours logged is an achievement in itself. Huge congratulations are in order.

Most Creative: Boom Bap Kids

Serato Livestream Awards - Most Creative

It’d be hard to deny a DJ mob that is exclusively puppet-based is creative. Is it the most creative? Yes. Yes it is. 

There’s not a lot else to say. Boom Bap Kids – puppets absolutely laying down tunes on turntables. Loved it. 

Biggest Energy: Lil Jon

I mean, what do you really expect? Lil Jon has been cranked to max energy since 1991. We were thrilled to have Jon come on our Twitch and do his thing, and it seemed you guys were too. There’s no one else this award could really go to. 

Craziest Visuals: DJ Wonder (Halloween Set)

We had DJ Wonder on our Twitch channel during the spooky season, and it’s safe to say he absolutely delivered. His visuals were terrifying and beautiful all at once, unlike his DJing, which was just sick.

Comedian Award: Four Color Zack

We’ve worked with Zack a bunch of times over the years. We keep getting him on because he’s an amazing DJ, but like real cherry on top is that he’s hilarious. We’d never seen so many laughing face emojis come up in the chat on one of our streams. A fair amount of them were from staff, too. 

Best Home Studio: Full Crate

Being locked down meant being at home. It’s not easy to have a clean, slick home studio when cables and miscellaneous hardware can easily start making it difficult to see the floor. Full Crate’s home studio was awesome. Beautifully lit and designed, it looked like somewhere that costs thousands of dollars to rent out for a day. Excellent.