Releasing Your Music with Distrokid 

When it comes to being an artist, the work doesn’t finish when you leave the studio. 

Distributing your music in a way that maximises reach, and building a community around your brand is integral to ensuring you remain successful. There’s a bit of a misconception that you need a record deal to make this happen. Once upon a time, that was true. But we live in a different era now. 

Distrokid is an independent digital music distribution service that can get your music into online stores and streaming services. They offer a vast array of tools that allow you to build your online presence, create assets to post, and in front of the right listeners. Including labels. 

What this means is that they’ll use their resources to insert your track in the distribution pipeline. This means working towards getting placements on Spotify, Tik Tok and other services that they deem could benefit the release of your song. 

When you log into Distrokid, simply click at the link to start your upload process.

You’ll then be asked what services you want your song serviced to – the options are vast.

Then you fill in your information – and that’s pretty much it.

However, there is a little extra for experts if you want to make your release more targeted to specific platforms. 

Why are we bringing all this up? We’ve been working with them to give you a system that covers all bases. Make your track in Serato Studio, release and promote it using Distrokid.

All Serato Studio license holders will receive 30% off their first year of Distrokid. All you need to do is check your emails and you’ll be able to follow the steps to enable it. You can follow this link for more details.

A quick breakdown on some of the services you’ll have full access to:

  • Upstream
    • A free service connecting artists to labels
  • Slaps.com
    • An online social network for sharing new music, hosted by Distrokid
  • HyperFollow
    • Free landing pages to assist you in growing your fanbase
  • Vault
    • Free, unlimited backups of your music files
  • Twitch Affiliate Program
    • Earn money by streaming on Twitch through ads, subscriptions, and bits
  • Mini Videos
    • Short, custom videos that you can share on social media
  • DistroLock
    • Protect your music from unauthorized release