Pro Tips: Library Clean-Up (Advanced)

A user recently asked the question:

“I DJ out of Crates, but my library is a mess and I have a loads of songs I don’t use. How can I get rid of all the tracks that aren’t in any of my Crates?”

Here’s a tricky pro tip to achieve this. It’s not a simple process so if you’d like help from our team before you try this out, feel free to get in touch here.

How to remove tracks from your library that are not in your crates.

  • Navigate to your _Serato_ folder in your music/My Music directory on your HD and make TWO extra copies of your _Serato_ folder. Here’s an example of what to name these:


_Serato_ (orignal)

_Serato_ (TEMP)

  1. Open Serato DJ.
  2. Open each crate, select All songs (CMD + A), and press ALT + DELETE (This deletes the tracks that are in the crate completely from the Serato DJ library, but not from the hard disk) If you use Smart Crates delete those too.
  3. Quit Serato DJ, make sure that “Backup Library” is NOT checked.
  4. Start Serato DJ. All crates should automatically be gone, because empty crates are automatically deleted.
  5. The ‘All…’ crate now only contains the songs you don’t want to keep. 
  6. Create a new Crate, and call it ‘Junk
  7. Go to the ‘All…‘ Crate, select all tracks, and drag and drop them into the ‘Junk‘ crate.
  8. Close Serato DJ.
  9. Rename the _Serato_ folder to _Serato_ (old)
  10. Go into the _Serato_ (old) folder, then in the folder Subcrates and copy the file Junk.crate
  11. Now paste the file Junk.crate into the _Serato_(TEMP)/Subcrates folder
  12. Rename _Serato_ (TEMP) to _Serato_
  13. Start Serato DJ
  14. You should see your old library, but with one additional Crate “Junk“, which contains exactly the tracks that you want to get rid of.
  15. Open the Junk Crate, select all the songs (CMD + A)
  16. Do one of the following;
  • ALT + DELETE – these songs should now be gone from your Library (but not from your hard drive)

  • Use CMD + SHIFT + DELETE to delete them entirely instead. WARNING, this will delete them from your hard drive too!!

The Junk Crate disappears automatically with the next start of Serato DJ because it is now empty. If all went well you can now delete _Serato_ (old) and _Serato_ (original) Enjoy your slimmed down library 🙂

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