Pro Tips: Halving or Doubling BPM

Do you ever find that you’ve analysed a track and it’s saying 130 BPM but you want it at 65 BPM. Keen to halve or double this?

This is common for a lot of newer Jersey club and rap songs with halftime breakdowns. You can set your BPM range when you analyse your files to make sure everything is what it should be but there are occasions where you may want to manually half or double the tempo of your tracks for other reasons…

Maybe you want to see a 65 BPM song next to your 130 BPM tracks so you can drop down to 65 BPM easily?

Well instead of having to type the halved tempo (too much maths!) in to the BPM field you can simply double click the BPM field and press (Alt) + (Up Arrow) or (Alt) + (Down Arrow) to (up) double or (down) halve the value.

Bonus, you can do this for multiple files at once too!

Here are some pics:

Double click the BPM field to edit.

Halve the value by pressing ALT + down arrow.

Your beat grid will be adjusted to, just be sure that’s what you want 🙂

Like that?!

Matt P