Where Can I Learn To DJ?

You might be too embarrassed to ask your DJ friends for help or you might not have anyone to ask in the first place. Luckily we live in a time where you can learn to do just about anything on the internet.

We’ve compiled a list of educational resources we recommend for learning to DJ, so you can jump straight in and save your time for actually practicing.

Serato Tutorials

While we don’t offer classes, you can find all the info you need on how to operate our software on our Youtube channel and support center.

Beat Drop

Beat Drop offers both music production and DJ classes which can be done online or in person at their Calgary classrooms.

Scratch DJ Academy

Scratch DJ Academy offers a range of DJ classes. From introductory courses, advanced courses and even one-on-one sessions if you’re wanting a personalized feel.

School of Scratch 

An online school with each video lesson being taught by scratch legend DJ Short-E. The School of Scratch also has an online community where we can get feedback on your progress and talk to other DJs.


Crossfader offers courses specifically about Serato DJ and also courses aimed at individual controllers. They also offer face-to-face workshops in Leeds(UK).

Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips hosts an online course that takes you through the complete basics to the advanced features of Serato DJ.

Beat Refinery

Beat Refinery hosts classes over multiple states in the States. Check their website for availability or check their Youtube channel for handy online tips.

DJ Angelo

Not only a complete master of the turntables but also a great teacher. Angelo structures his video lessons in a way that’s very easy to understand and follow.


TLM also offers a Youtube series similar to Angelo. TLM talks about EVERYTHING DJing, from setting up your gear to talking on the mic.