Why Twitch is the best place to stream your DJ sets

There’s a lot of discussion about where to livestream your DJ sets right now. 

This isn’t anything new. DJ’s constantly run into roadblocks with getting their sets pulled down from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

This begs the question: where is the best place to stream?

Twitch, renowned for streaming video games, might not be the first place you’d assume would create a haven for DJs.

An important aspect of Twitch is its affiliate program, which enables you to monetize your stream via subscriptions, providing you meet the requirements.

If you’re a working DJ, get things started by getting your usual crew to follow you (and follow them back). This will provide a great starting foundation. 

What’s great about Twitch is that you can engage with your fans on a more personal level in real-time – a key aspect of maintaining your personal brand through this period. 

Twitch is focussed purely on streaming – less on content created to live for a long time. It’s fast-moving and can be approached as such. 

A great way to think of it is like a radio station. Program your music and performances as such. That way you can save that hot 15 min routine or unboxing video for YouTube. This not only varies the style of content you’re creating but widens the span of channels you’re releasing it on.

You don’t always have to play full club-style DJ sets – take the opportunity to play some more forgotten jams or personal favorites to develop your own style and character amongst your audience.

You might already have a bigger following on other platforms. The reason to invest time in Twitch is because the DJ community within it is expanding rapidly. Try and get ahead of the curve, and try to secure that precious username before someone else takes it. 

It’s available to use on your phone, desktop or TV – this is easy for you as the streamer, and also makes for an easier viewing experience for the audience.