Best Serato Collaborations

At Serato, we’ve been privileged enough over the years to collaborate with brands that we admire. It’s been a real treat to see a product born from the amalgamation of two communities, bringing together a community of people that otherwise might never have intertwined. 

Looking forward is always the go, but sometimes it is nice to take a moment and reflect on the road travelled that got us here. 

And so, these are some of our Serato favourite collaborations… so far. 

Best Serato Collaborations

Serato x Head Porter x Nike:

Perhaps the most grailed collab of all – we produced a limited edition Nike Air Force 1, along with a Head Porter DJ bag to go with the elusive white Serato x RANE Scratch Live Box.

The shoe is an understated Air Force 1 paying homage to its original archetype, with the Scratch Live logo embossed just above the outsole heel. It’s timeless and classic, words that are always on the tip of the tongue when thinking of the Air Force 1.

Aesthetically aligned with the shoe, the Head Porter DJ bag was a minimal white bag, allowing safe storage for all things big and small that you would have in your DJ arsenal. 

This tied in with the elusive RANE Scratch Live Box, in white – a collectors dream. This completed the triangle of our most talked-about collaboration of all. It’s understated yet powerful, the perfect finishing piece.

Serato x Obey:

Designed by Obey artist Shepard Fairey, a double LP picture disc was produced with the Serato NoiseMap™️ on both sides, featuring a classic Obey design treatment. 

Streetwear and DJ culture have long been spinning in the same circles, and it was perfectly represented in the Obey collaboration. We’ve seen them used for cutting up mixes on the decks, as well as framed art in the living room. 

Honestly, they’re built for both. 

Serato x Stones Throw x J Dilla:

Paying homage to the late legend of hip hop, J Dilla, we teamed up with Stones Throw Records to produce the limited vinyl pressing ‘J Dilla’s Donut Shop’.

Both the visuals and sentimentality are beautiful, and a way of us tipping our hat to a pioneer of hip hop culture. While it’s tragic that Dilla isn’t here to see the legacy he created, it still lives on in modern hip hop culture. With Stones Throw, we wanted to find a way to cement that. This was the result. 

Serato x The Hundreds:

A harmonious mix of art, music and streetwear. The Hundreds have always been a big player in streetwear culture, which we wanted to bring to life in a format that wasn’t seen with their brand yet. 

This limited edition pressing features an all-over Adam Bomb design on one side with The Hundreds logo on the flip.

It’s classic The Hundreds and classic Serato… timeless.