DJ Saige showcases the Power of Serato Stems

Serato Stems might only be a few months old, but it is already blooming as a powerful tool in the production of viral social hits and changing remix and mashup culture.

NY-based DJ Saige created a superhit on social platform Tik Tok, with vocals from Coi Leray’s fresh track “Players” and the classic beat of Busta Rhymes’ 1997 “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”.

All with help from Serato Stems.

“Players” (DJ Saige Remix) has now hit your favorite streaming platforms. 

Stream it here on Spotify.

Born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York City, Saige began her musical career being a classically trained pianist. This paved the way for a distinctive background in music that has meant she can integrate various sounds into her artistic work.

She has quickly earned her title of being one of NYC’s top sought-after creatives, DJing for Genius and Khloe Kardashian’s clothing launch (just to name a couple). Saige is also included in the world-renowned Heavy Hitter DJ Crew that has been featured on three Billboards across NYC. 

“I’ve always loved making mashups since I began DJing, but I found the excitement again when the release of Stems was announced,” says Saige. “It was a no brainer for me! I was posting DJ content and mashups on my Tik Tok throughout the pandemic but once I unlocked the world of Stems…it was go time!” 

A longtime pupil at Serato Academy, Saige states the skills learned there helped provide inspiration for making her popular remix. Serato Academy is an exclusive six-month incubator programme where chosen future-leader DJs and producers learn all things Serato, along with valuable life and industry skills. Participating in the Serato Academy helped give Saige the skills to create the mash-up and provide excitement and passion.

“I learned more and more each week, which inspired me to dive into the world of music on a different level,” says Saige.

Hard work is paying off for Saige. Since uploading her remix to Tik Tok in early December, the remix has gathered over 400k videos to use the sound (with notable names such as Ciara, Shaq and Coi herself using the audio) and a further 750k plays on YouTube and SoundCloud combined.

TikTok is useful for budding artists, performers and creatives who want to be heard and seen globally. DJ Saige credits her track with allowing the world to know about the NYC ‘Get Lite’ dance movement. As a dance style that originated in Harlem, New York City, it was popularized in the modern era with the ‘Harlem Shake’ in 2013. ‘Litefeet’ dancers are taking to TikTok to show their moves to Saige’s remix.

“Big shoutout to Lucky Banks, Arn Star and all the dancers!” says Saige.

Saige is not alone in the praise for Serato Stems. Many of the world’s top DJs and Producers such as Skratch Bastid, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Khalil and more have shared their positive thoughts on the new feature.