Find music to get started with Serato DJ Lite

Let’s get you set up with a fire Library to pull from.

So much of being a good DJ is having a great collection of songs at your disposal that you can pull out and spin for any mood. A lot of people starting out on Serato DJ Lite hit us with the same question: where do I get this music from? Let’s find some music to help get started with Serato DJ Lite.

We wanted to sort you out with some tips and tricks on where to pull high quality music from, how you should organise it and how you can set up a system that keeps your library up to date and current…but still with some classic hits as well. Sandstorm is suited for any occasion, right?

Adding Music from your Computer:

All the music sitting on your computer’s hard drive is gold.

The thing to consider with this is audio quality – that makes the real difference. If you’ve got a legitimately purchased song sitting on a hard drive that sounds crystal clear, by all accounts, it’s good to go. If you’re playing on a big sound system, you want the bitrate of the song to be over 300. As a contrast, audio ripped from YouTube on a MP3 converter website will have a bitrate of approximately 128. This is fine for practicing at home, but definitely not the standard of quality you want if you’re soundtracking the party. 

Buying Music:    

There are lots of credible online retailers where you can buy all your favorite music to add to your DJ library. We endorse all of the following areas as a means of grabbing great music to spin:

Apple Music





Juno Download

Free Music:

I mean, hey…who doesn’t love free music? 

The following places are some legitimate areas where can you can access music for free – this is also going to give you the best quality, rather than ripping it from an illegal source…also, just don’t do that. Piracy isn’t cool and discredits all music in general.



Subscribing to a Record Pool: 

This is a great way to get started if you’re a bit uncertain about it all. Subscribing to a record pool for a few months is a great way to build up your library and get a taste for what you like and don’t like to include in your crates. 

Record pools are also great because they include DJ edits with extended intros that are great for learning to mix with. Here are a few that we recommend to use with Serato DJ Lite and why: 


This website includes charts of the most downloaded songs and trending tracks so you can easily stay up to date with what’s popular in the DJ world at the time. DJCity USA is great for all things hip hop, while DJCity UK is great for house, garage and grime.

BPM Supreme

This is a great pool for DJs spinning any form of popular music. BPM Supreme’s catalog spans a wide variety of genres and musical era’s – if you’re looking to be a wedding, club or house party DJ, this is for you.

Club Killers

This is for the EDM heads. Includes a huge amount of popular electronic tracks, remixes, bootlegs and DJ edits. Perfect for amping up the vibe. 


The majority of music consumed in this day and age is done so by streaming services. If you use Spotify you can group all the songs you love together and convert them to a downloadable format so you can get them into your crate. If you’re not a user of these platforms, you can sign up for a free trial to see if it’s something that you’re into.      

You may have thousands of songs saved to your Spotify library that would take hours to get into another library format. Soundiiz is a platform where you can convert your Spotify tracks to Soundcloud or TIDAL, so they become integrated into your Serato DJ Lite software, and you can go from there.