Free DJ Visuals and Extensions for Twitch

The last 12 months have seen an explosion of DJs live streaming online to stay connected with their fans and perform in real-time, despite varying lockdown restrictions. With this newfound uptake, a great looking stream, as well as music, is the key to cutting through.

DJ Visuals for streaming

“Streaming DJs are responsible for music and the entire visual experience. It’s an exciting new creative challenge, but doing this well is difficult, so we thought we’d help.” said Scotty Hoogerbrug, Chief Marketing Officer at Serato. 

“This meant, all for free, we made a huge range of visuals to make your set look dope. The needs of a DJ are different from your average streamer so our creative team went deep to ensure we’re on point.”

An example is static layers and GIFs that DJs can add straight onto their visual frame via programs like OBS. Some of the scenes available are Rococo Mansion, Nuclear Vibes, and Enchanted Forest.

And Serato wouldn’t be Serato without making some DJ booths. These are designed to bring some visual excitement to the stream. From speaker stacks to alien monsters, DJs can have a bit of fun or have a traditional look.

The huge range of DJ Visuals are available for free from Serato’s website. New drops of the visuals will be released every month or so.

Pipe your playlist into Twitch

The host of visual elements also includes a new and exclusive Twitch extension.

“We also have responded to a common request from both DJs and fans to show which tunes are being played while streaming. Using our Playlist technology, we created a real-time integration with Twitch which DJs can set up easily.” said Hoogerbrug.

DJ Visuals and Extensions for Twitch

You can add the Twitch Extension to your account via the Twitch website.

Here are some helpful articles on How to Enable the Twitch Extension inside Serato DJ Pro, and How to Configure the Twitch Extension once you have it up and running.