The story and making of ‘Dear Dilla – Reprise’ with Rasta Root

rasta root portrait for serato studio

Anyone who says “those who can’t do, teach” hasn’t seen producer and DJ Rasta Root at work. This is your chance to do just that. Watch Rasta Root break down how he crafted the beat for “Dear Dilla – Reprise” on Phife Dawg’s posthumous album “Forever” using Serato Studio. Rasta Root teaches students to use Studio at Atlanta’s Emory University as a Professor of Hip Hop Composition, so it was only natural for him to produce the track in his go-to DAW.

rasta root producing a track in serato studio

DJ Rasta Root’s connection to the track goes deep. Before becoming Phife Dawg’s manager and producer, he co-managed A Tribe Called Quest. His mastery formed over years as one of Atlanta’s most popular underground radio DJs, filling the airwaves on Sirius/XM, and all his years on the decks for Face Off Fridays at MJQ, can be felt in every layer of the track.

The late Phife himself described the track as an open letter of dedication to J Dilla, who was a long time friend and producer, and features Q-tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) alongside him.

Hear all the pieces come together, and the inspiration behind them in this full video. We’re talking not just how he did it, but the real meaning behind every step.

Finally, a quick shout out to his collaborators V Rich, Detox, eltrain, Q Tip and of course the legacy of J Dilla. Phife forever.