How’s it going?: DJ Aktive

How are you doing and how are things going for you at the moment?

For me at home it’s been hard. I’m usually traveling and doing a lot of shows / events / and tours are pushed back … it’s hard times for me.. But the best thing Is being home with Family.

What are some of the key pieces of gear in your arsenal to help you stay active through this period, and why?

My Key pieces are my Rane 12, and my Dj equipment 1! So I can stay sane and not go insane lol that keeps me occupied my music 
Also my computer I’m on throughout the day & lastly my workout set in my garage…

What are your top 3 watches right now? Movies, TV shows, Documentaries. Anything.

My 3 top watches Tiger King, Ozark, Miles Davis Documentary, & the Malcolm X Doc.

What’s your secret in staying productive and getting stuff done when you’re just around home all day?

My Secret in staying productive around the house is cleaning, Organizing my Serato crates, push try stay in shape, and cleaning for the most part.

What would your advice be to younger DJs/producers who are struggling to find a direction and feel a bit lost through this period?

For younger Djs/ producer I would say practice your craft, if that’s producing / Djing, 
If your spinning u can do LIVE IG events …  Or you can study your genre of music while you’re home for this down time..
Upcoming Producers I would say make some tracks and practice your production and get opinions from artist…