DJ Khalil takes on Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette with Serato Stems

Serato Stems allows producers to unlock their full creative potential. Mass Appeal aims to tell diverse and creative stories from the outlook of those that influence our culture. Combine both, and you get a unique episode of Rhythm Roulette. Added bonus: You get to witness a master at work!

Full of insight, innovation and inspiration, Grammy award-winning producer DJ Khalil  showcases the capability of Serato Stems in Serato Studio 2.0. With an expansive career (and recent Grammy success for his work on Kendrick Lamar’s Mr Morale and the Big Steppers), Khalil is a hip-hop veteran.

Beginning blindfolded, Khalil chooses three records at random at Amoeba Music. This results in tracks by The Delfonics, James Reese, The Progressions and The Coupe De Villes. He swiftly selects the samples of each song using Serato Stems and Studio’s powerful sampler. Singling out topline, bass, drums, and melody has never been so simple!

Then, Khalil takes the samples and combines them with authentic keyboard tunes. This results in a divine instrumental that denotes the “essence of hip-hop”. Khalil notes the impressive advancement Stems has brought to the music world. 

“It’s pretty incredible to see the evolution… from DJs in the parks going back and forth to now. We can literally pick these records apart and make our own creations out of them…” – DJ Khalil

And Stems is just the beginning. With viral tracks such as the DJ Saige Remix of Coi Leray’s “Players”, the opportunity to isolate, manipulate and remix tracks are endless.