Serato Isolation Playlist for Live Streaming

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed, there’s been a spike in DJs live streaming their sets over the last few weeks – for good reason. It’s a great way to stay engaged with your fans and keep the passion for spinning tunes alive. 

If you’re not sure how to get set up for live streaming, we’ve written out some instructions in how our Serato DJs like to get set up with their streams. We also had a chat about why, in our opinion, you’re better off using Twitch as your platform to host your streams. 

Once you’re all squared away in that regard, you might be a little lost on the kind of tunes you want to spin. That’s fair enough – the kind of music you’d play to a live audience isn’t necessarily the same catalogue you would play to a virtual one. 

We wanted to curate a playlist of tunes on TIDAL and Soundcloud, which is integrated with Serato DJ Pro and Lite, to give you a collection of songs to spin. The playlist includes a variety of genres that we love, which can add a bit of new spice to your set. It might even give you some new listening material – win win.

To set up either, make sure you’ve saved the playlist to your TIDAL or SoundCloud account. In Serato DJ Pro, click the cog icon and head to the Library and Display settings. At the bottom, you’ll see a ‘show streaming services’ box. Tick that, and then select which streaming service you want to use. From there just log into your account and your saved playlists will show up under the TIDAL or Soundcloud tab amongst your crates.

We hope you enjoy playing, listening and connecting with these tunes.