Serato Studio 1.6 with recording

Serato Studio 1.6 has just landed and introduces the ability for producers and vocalists to record audio directly into their workflow. Best part? It’s available as a free download.

You can now easily record vocalists, quickly put their bars to your beats and transform loops into finished songs. You can track guitars and give your music an organic warmth that enriches your mid range. You can sample your favourite gems on wax by recording directly from vinyl to create the foundation of a new track or make a new DJ edit. 

Serato Studio 1.6 removes technical roadblocks that take you out of your creative flow and within minutes you can have a loop that’s ready to record over. The workflow is designed to help you get your ideas down quickly, so you don’t miss out on capturing the lightning in a bottle. 

“Record In is going to be a super useful tool. If I’m making a beat and Rocky or somebody has an idea, I could record him in and then just get the idea down. Use it like a voice note memo type thing.” – Hector Delgato (A$AP Mob)

This update also brings Audio Track improvements. In 1.6, Audio Track capabilities have been expanded to bring more power and functionality to the Song View. The highly requested ability to drag and drop clips into other tracks helps to speed up your process, allows for better clip organisation, and makes editing even easier — a must when paired with the new recording functionality.

A further three FX slots (six total) have been added to the Audio Track, while the ability to add FX directly to an Audio Deck Pad has been removed, a small and necessary redesign. 

You’ll also love to know that we have also added the ability to keep adding pads, so you can build your tracks with the depth they desire.

serato studio 1.6

We’re also bringing our own Virtual Audio Driver to the table. Last year we introduced the option to ‘Make Audio Available to other Applications’, which used a third party virtual audio driver to live stream audio. For 1.6, we created our own Virtual Audio Driver for Mac which is easy to install in-app. This gives you more control, and more importantly works with Big Sur, unlike third-party drivers.

Download Serato Studio 1.6, and transform your music making experience.

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