How to make emo trap

The key here is the chords. You want to convey emotion, which is more easily found in minor scales. Apply desired FX (this example shows delay and sidechain) until it’s sounding how you pictured it. 

Start to layer rhythmic melodies. They should be melodic in the way that they complement and build from the chord progression, and rhythmic in the way that they push the momentum forward.

Drums – they should be fast and snappy. Serato Studio has the Make Drums option, which gives you a ton of genre-based drum beat options if you’re stuck for ideas. Find one you like, or make it from scratch, and edit the velocities and hits until you’re satisfied.

Once you’ve landed on your drums, add your 808 bassline. It should be a rich sub that dominates the low end frequencies. 

Lastly, automate the filter on your intro to rise through to the drums coming in. 

Boom: emo trap.